Freinds,came a idea in mind… in our daily life what we do to nurture our hobbies , our pleasure ,for our internal satisfaction, for being just me ?… ?

Anything do you ?…

What backs you.. what stops you ?
There is nothing as great that you cant win,

Just start from today,  yes from today ,from now itself,  that’s the moment you are living your life fully, you are watering a plant which was dying slowly inside you..

You are feeding a bird which always wanted to fly high, but you kept pressing it due to some reason …

Now is the moment which has come to say hey you… be just you and start what you love the most..

For example. .
You like to take pictures,but you say i want some nice place or nice thing to take pictures. .  So you kept  suppressing  ur photographic skills  …

But if you start viewing daily life objects from camera angle, that would be a nice object and memorable moment ,that you have just recorded in your camera…

Another example:

You like writing
But feels low that you  get nice startup lines or good idea to write about..

But change the perception my friend. .. take a simple idea.. write it so beautifully that nobody has ever written..

Isn’t that memorable,  you have recorded time in your lines…

So .. still thinking. ….dont think just do it..

All the best! !
Do you share what you did !!

Your freind
Vivek 🙂