Folks… Times Now, NDTV, Headlines today and CNN IBN from 25th sep onwards for live coverage of Modi’s grand speech from New York and Washington.

Arnab Goswami of Times Now, Brakha Dutt of NDTV, Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today are already in US.

35 meetings are planned for Modi during the four day US tour, including summit level talks with President Obama, post which he will attend the UN meeting.

Top 10 US CEO’s are meeting one-on-one with Modi.

20000 seats filled already for Madison square meeting.

No world leader has booked Madison Square till now for a gathering of this size.

All tickets were issued through lottery.

20 front row seats were sold for USD 50000 per seat that goes towards the cost of hiring Madison square.

Three state  governors, mayors of newyork,  senate leaders, clinton and hilary clinton , NGO heads have confirmed their presence for face to face meeting.

400 organizations from NGOs to temples, from student bodies to regional, ethnic, and linguistic associations, have registered as ”welcome partners” for the community reception.

New York Metro and Bus services are arranging special coaches and additional transport on the morning and evening.

800 core group volunteers are working 24/7 taking care of the events.

Modi will be speaking on a rotating stage. By the time he’s done with his speech, he would have made a 360° turn.

Live telecast on large screens of his speech in times square arranged by Fox news.

More than 5000 people are expected to assemble in timesquare.

Modi is going to stay in white house guesthouse which is not given for a leader when he is on UN related visit.

Two dinner meetings one breakfast meeting 3 business meeting 3 memorial service 3 community engagements. ..3 country leader meetings with heads of srilanka nepal and possibly pakistan

He is landing on 26th afternoon and within one hour his schedule starts for next 4 power packed days.

External affairs Minster Sushma will go to US before Modi and accompany him in several meetings. First time in history, on the side lines of UN meeting, an indian external minister will meet 100 countries counterparts.

India has received 55 billion commitment from Japan and China in the last 3 weeks.

India is already at 160 billion USD with US. Modi wants to triple the figure.

“Make in India” is getting launched on 25th sept
In this mega event, 3000 Global and local corporations heads are invited for this launch. Top 10 companies from top 10 sectors from top 30 countries are shortlisted. 
30000 additional companies are targeted and approached through other mediums
8 member expert team will review the proposals submitted.

India at present needs an entrepreneur to follow 12 procedures, which on an average takes 27 days to 27 months.

With this new model, a new business can be started in less than 72 hours.

Please wait for more information on Swach Baharth program that’s getting launched on 2nd Oct. Facebook and melinda gates foundation are partnering with Indian govt for this initiative.