Budget News
1.GDP expected growth at 7.4 %
2.Rupess strengthen by 6.4%
3.GST will be from 1st april 2016.
4.Total  revenue Transfer to state will be 62%.
5.25000 cr allocation for Rurar development program.
6.proposed 20000 cr for mudra finance (micro finance)
7.Pradhan mantri surakshya ajona -2 Lakh rs insurance for Rs 12 per yr for all poors
8.banking work will be link to Post office
9.Tax free infra bond in Rail- Road
10.E-bill portal -single window
11.Additional 5000 cr allocation in MENREGA
12.EPF/ESIE-NPS-state insurance optional
13.Gold Bond with fixed rate interest
14.Gold monitation scheme
15.Dis incentive on cash transaction.
16.Nirbhaya fund 1000 cr allocation for women safety
17.Allocation of 150 cr for atal innovation .
18.New AIIMS -Jammu punjab, T.N, H.P& assam
19.New IIT proposed in Karnataka and Dhanbad.
20.Horticulture university in Amritsar.
21.New IIM in j&k & A.P
22. New Pharmaceutical Research institutes in Maharashtra and Rajasthan.
23.New film production centres in north east
24.New GOLD COIN with ashok chakra.
25.Defence allocation 2.46 Lakh crore
26.corporate Tax will be reduced from prrsent 30 % to 25% in next 4 yrs
27.New Law for Black money-even 10 yrs imprisonment and 10 times penalty for tax evasion.
28.Pan card no mandatory above 1 lakh transaction
29.iNDIRECT TAX-custome duty reduced on 22 items
30..wealth tax -will be cancelled in future
31.income above 1 cr -2% surcharge
32.service tax increase from 12.36 to 14 %
33.swach bharat fund donation100% deduction
34.Medical insurance up from 15000 to 25000
35.senior citizen  medical insurance up from10000 to 30000
36.central excise duty 12.5%
37.transport allowance from 800 to 1600
38.  80 CC D -additional 50000 deduction in pension scheme
39.income tax slab not change
F.M. says -individual will not have to pay any tax upto 444200 considering all deduction allowed…
: Union Budget 2015:
1. Wealth tax abolished. Instead 2% cess on person having income more than 1 cr is introduced
2. Company tax reduced from 30% to 25%
3. Service tax increased to 14%
4.Undisclosed income to be taxed at Maximum Marginal Rate
5. 300% penelty for conceling income
6. Increase of domestic transfer pricing from 5cr to 20cr
7. 80D exemption increased from 15k to 25k
8. Transport allowance to salaried persons increased from Rs.800 to Rs.1600 permonth
9. GST to come into effect from 01.04.2016
10. Total tax benefits for individuals Rs. 4.44 lacs
11. FEMA capital account transactions will be modified
12. 7 years imprisonment for not disclosing foreign assets

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